WIlls question

Hi everyone. My parents have bought a 2nd property in France and have been advised by an English solicitor that they should write a French will here in France for that property. They want to leave it so it passes in the first instance to whichever of them survives the other (sorry it's very morbid but they were worrying about it yesterday as they're not here very often!) and then equally between my sister and I. I told them I thought that this was automatically the case in France in any case and that therefore they probably needn't do anything. They also considered getting married in a mairie here (on somebody else's advice) as they were told their (UK Church) wedding may not be considered legal here for the succession. Their main property is in the UK if that makes any difference and they are both British citizens. They spend about 12 weeks maximum a year here so don't have loads of time to spend on admin but would be prepared to do whatever is necessary to ensure that unneccessary tax/costs etc. are avoided. If somebody could advise me on the best thing that they can do they'd be very grateful. You can reply here or my Dad (Tony Salter) is a member here on SFN somewhere if you prefer to reply to him confidentialy. Thank you in advance and Merry Christmas to everybody.

Thank you Marijke

I'll send it on to them and they'll really appreciate that - they keep asking me to look into it but honestly it makes me feel uncomfortable to do so but they'll be relieved to have a goo dsite to read through! All the best


you might find the answers on your questions in this link