Window Screens - suppliers sought

Our home is surrounded by farmers’ fields and in August the house is filled with flies. We also get a fair number of hornets. I grew up in the US, where every home has window screens in the summer. I would like to install the same on the windows of our old stone house in Dordogne. I have seen some ratty little screen packages in LaPeyre but am looking for something more substantial. Does anyone know of an affordable and knowledgeable supplier, please?

Thank you


Leroy merlin last year sold some put together kits that you could cut to size i used them as living next to much similar to you we had a the same problem…they are all still working and in good order… plus you can also buy similar from ebay uk or at least you could

Hi Anne,

I agree with you that fly-screens are essential in rural France.

You have two choices to make; blind vs. framed screen and professionally installed vs. DIY.
I have blinds and framed screens and have fitted some myself and had some installed by the local miroiterie.

I’d avoid blinds if possible - they can be tricky to cut to fit accurately and tension correctly so that they operate smoothly. They keep flies out but not high-speed cats (I know!). On the other hand they are ideal if you want to pass stuff through the window and they can stay in position all winter.

Framed screens come as an easy-cut and assemble package with the aluminium extrusions in blanc or marron

Framed screens come as an easily cut and assemble kit which is much cheaper than a blind. In position they’re robust and wind-resistant and even high-speed cats will probably bounce off (I haven’t tested this!). But there is the biennial fitting and they need to be stored somewhere over winter.

I bought the DIY screens in Gamm Vert and Auchan. The ones fitted by a professional were no different in quality - probably about the same as your La Peyre’s “ratty package”.

 Ian G