Windows 10 upgrade - no answers

If you want a wierd link you should try this one Google Gravity

I am so impressed with you, Carl Alban. #goldstar

Nothing weird Val. Hilary linked to a mail in her gmail which would never work. It does however send whoever clicks on it to their own gmail.

Ooooh weird, that link took me to my own Gmail account and said "Conversation no longer exists".

Hello Valerie,

I am no kind of computer 'geek' (as will be apparent from my own requests for help in this area), however, I do receive mailings like this, in an attempt to inform myself. Like you I (an owner of a newish 8.1 laptop), have been wondering about Windows 10 and whether to upgrade or not.

This mailing is quite informative and (I have only qickly scan read's quite long) I remembered that i had seen your post and thought it may help you in some here's the link...

Hope it helps....

Thanks Theo, I'll try that out.

Alex, Mille Danke & Thanx. Did not know Bodhi (life means also doing some work, so, I more into photography) But on the first look, this Bodhi rocks! Nice design, nice discussion in form because of good responses.

Theo, I have Elementary running on an Acer AspireOne netbook (yes, still going strong) and I quite like it as distribs go, but I still prefer to use Bodhi (with the e17 Enlightenment desktop UI) on it, as it is really snappy on a low spec machine like that.

Valerie, why does your client insist on Bitlocker ? Surely, the built-in encryption provided with Windows 7 would suffice ? Or if not, Truecrypt, which has been reborn under a new name after an independent audit cleared it of any backdoor/trojan code ?

John very simple Openshot is simple but powerful enough that I can edit the videos coming from my D800i which produces quite big files if you do 10 minutes recording in one go....

It’s more han that Carl. It’s the shape of the keys, the colour of the hinge, the size and position of the trackpad. Even the name… Aspire. It obviously aspires to be a MacBook.

What software do you use to edit video on Linux Theo?

that's is very much the MAC design of the older MBP 2009 as there where some with a silver keyboard

Apple used silver keyboards on some laptops and after that anybody using silver for a keyboard must be knocking Apple off?

Where do you guys get so brainwashed?

that's is very much the MAC design of the older MBP 2009 as there where some with a silver keyboard. Seems Acer likes this design... if it keeps people happy why not when window 10 is working ;-) when it is...

Carl, I'm lying here in the Sun with my MacBook on my chest looking from it to the yoke above and I really think it's knock off. Honestly.

Oh well, I tried to make it easy. No, Its not a MacBook and no, It is not a knock-off of a MacBook either.

You know, comparing it to my new MacBook pro, I think it is. If it’s not then it’s a knockoff of the design.

That's no macbook pro :)

No Carl, I think this would be bad for all those Microsoft Experts. They need to make a living, also what would be life without Windows? BTW this on this photo up here is a MBP, and yes, Mac runs good with Linux, it is UNIX.

Perhaps we should all do you that then.

(Buy a new Mac and then run it with Linux that is)

BTW. Did you really think that was a Mac in that advert?

this says all, - a photo of a MacBook so its all crap about care less updates, easy, free.

Don’t even consider to click the link before July 29 2015 (this is the official mickysoft date of release of WIN10) or you will have to enjoy fun. At the press conference most have had a MAC and many of them were running their Mac on a Linux OS.