Windows 10

Over the last few days M/soft have been sending me all sorts of stuff I presume as a precursor to Windows 10.

Has anyone actually received a copy yet?

And if so what is your experience?

My intuition is that W10 will in itself work fine but the interfaces to all the other software on your system and devices attached to your system may well be a complete can of worms.

But we will see but feedback would be appreciated.


Peter S

Ah well if anybody needs one of those I have one sat here (in it's original box and in good nick). Is it the one with the Core2duo E6750 (2.66Ghz )CPU?

The reason I asked was to get an idea what you call fast when you say "struggle with the slow world which is Microsoft". I would presume you are mainly a web surfer/general user rather than what they call a power user.

I bought our 20" imac for my son while he was at collage learning music production but since finishing he has migrated to my cast-off PC's for the speed boost he can get while gaming.

One man's slow CPU is another man's speed machine. We have that class of CPU in the 6 (or is it 7? I loose count) customer PC's knocking around here.

Does anybody know what version of OSX (is that how you say it?) I can upgrade the imac to? I should drag it out of the box sometime and do that. ;/

Carl i brought it on ebay 3 years ago it says on the invoice.

Apple imac 20" desktop 2007- core2duo-250GB HDD-3GB RAM, i hope that makes sense to you, i paid £350 for it, i am now a strong believer that you are better off buying a second hand Mac rather than new on the HP/Microsoft route, but having said that i did like the review on Windows 10 on the click report on BBC news this morning.

What mac do you use Michael?

Apologise for not getting back sooner Peter, it's just that i was set in my ways with microsoft and then my computer mad children talked me into changing to Apple Mac, wow what a different experience, i don't know why people still struggle with the slow world which is Microsoft.

Hi Haydn and Brian

What you are reporting I sort of what I expect. To all intents and purposes virtually every PC and lap top will be a unique combination of hardware and software and there are bound to be problems, such as you describe, that no doubt will get resolved over time.

The message I am NOW getting from M/S is that my machine is incompatible with W10 but they will keep trying!!

I can buy a new HP laptop for under 500 Euros at Leclerc which would be almost perfect save it has French keyboard!

Thank you both


I loaded Windows 10 upgrading from 8.1 this morning. Whilst Microsoft say it’s an easy upgrade there are a few issues. The first is that many virus protection programmes will not convert correctly and will stop working. If this is the case (if you upgrade), just un-install the virus protection programme and re-install it after you have completed the upgrade to Windows 10.
Also some graphics cards may not be recognised. Make sure you have the latest drivers etc. for your card before you upgrade. If it does fail and Windows 10 starts in default graphics mode, again just re-install your graphics card etc.
I have not found any other issues and all my programmes and settings converted without issue. I have noticed though it can be a little slower than 8.1 on start up….

If you have loaded Windows 10 change these settings immediately…….failure to do this will allow anyone in your Skype or Outlook or Hotmail contacts lists to waltz onto your Wi-Fi network
To change your settings, go to Network settings then Manage Wi-Fi settings (Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage Wi-Fi Settings). There, you can choose which contacts you share Wi-Fi settings with. You can toggle the setting to discover friends’ Wi-Fi networks, or opt not to. If you want none of it, you can uncheck every box.
( Yes I’m still finding things out !)

They have just stopped supporting XP last year, so W7 is likely to hang on for at least a decade. Mind you, the word is that this is the last version of Windows anyway and apart from refinements... Who knows and will some of us be around to know or care at that point in time?

Did you have Norton running whilst the upgrade was on? There are various things that run constantly in the background that cause problems, so check it all before trying again. My other daughter has a laptop she received for Christmas, so not a creaking 'antique' which was being updated when I answered you yesterday. In fact she has so much junk in the thing that she had to go for a factory reset and lose a load of them in order to overwrite W8. I suspect there are numerous issues that we will hear about in the near future. Having said that, I just found that my wifi connection was on straight away instead of waiting for various of my too many pieces of onboard software to become live.

Hi Brian

Thank you that is very helpful and I will try that tomorrow though since my last post M/s has come back and reported that my PC is unsuitable.

Illuminating. Whilst it is no spring chicken it is a very large, very fast HP lap-top running W7 with no problems so that is somewhat of a surprise but we will press on.



PS) 3.0 GB memory, 32 bit OS and 2.40 GHz processor so as I say more than capable of running W10

PS 1) As I say my PC with W7 meets all my needs, and whilst I like to keep up to date if possible, it is not really a problem in the short term, though will become so as and when WM/s and/or Norton stops supporting W7 .

Peter, it is fine. My daughter and I were 'pre-booked'. First thing yesterday it updated, takes ages mind you. There are no real surprises, no big give-aways but a couple of things are now faster and smoother. Just do it.

As for 'Failed' messages, well a neighbour had several. I had a look, cleared out what he had been trying to do, Googled W10 download and started all over again, went through smoothly.

In answer to your question Peter have you considered Linux?

Hello Michael, not sure what you mean.

I am perfectly happy with W7 which meets all my computing needs on the PC that I have and so far as I can see W10 will add nothing to my usage. But I was hoping to try out W10 to see.

So what I will do is buy another PC, either a large one in terms of capacity for the usage I make of the PC and a smaller one for Caroline who basically uses the PC for on-line shopping or vice versa depending on what we find on our next trip back to the UK.

But what I was hoping to hear about is what other member's of SFN had experienced so far.

Does that help you?

Microsoft Peter, why don't you move on in life or are you just to old to change.

Just as an addition there has been 3 attempts so far to install Windows 10 and all are marked up as "Failed" but as always with M/soft no rational explanation as to why or what I ma supposed to do about it.