Windows activate bug

Every time I boot up my desktop a pop-up appears telling me that my Windows 10 licence is about to expire and I need to activate it by going to Settings. This is manifestly not true so does anyone know what’s causing this and how to get rid of it? I’ve run several different antivirus checks including Kaspersky and Malwarebytes with no effect.
Is this something to do with KMSpico which I just found in Programs and Features? Or is that linked to Teamviewer which I need so my computer tech can fix problems remotely?
Do I need KMSpico? A quick web search seems to suggest that this is something you would want to get rid of pdq because it can open the door to virus and other malware.

Oh dear…

seems there is a benefit to not be able to use Windows 10 on my computer after all… :innocent:

I do hope you get it sorted soon…I’ve googled it and found a couple of Remove threads… but no idea if they add fuel to the flames or actually are beneficial.

good luck

Kmspico is something that is sometimes used to illegally patch software to bypass licensing. Most commonly used for MS office and windows. :slight_smile:


this is the Windows 10 Forum… with a recent thread on your problem… read right from start to finish Page 1 and Page 2… it might apply/help… or else you can ask them another question…

Thank you all. Beginning to sound as though the people who sold me the
computer - built to my specs - might have been cutting a few corners. They
want me to take it back to them to be “fixed”…

Oh rotten luck… that does not sound good.

Just to keep you posted, I had a brainwave overnight and I seem to have fixed the problem by using the product key on my old Windows 7 which fortunately I had kept. Suppose there’s some logic there as that’s what I upgraded to 10. Still can’t figure out why KMSpico is there, though. Or what it’s doing. If anything.