Windows Live Writer - wrong language

Can anybody help me, please?

I've just made a new website using Blogger, and it's looking good except for the spacing between paragraphs which is irregular. Having Googled this it seems to be a known issue.

The suggested work around is to use Windows Live Writer to create the blog posts. I've downloaded WLW, but the installation fails because it is already installed on my computer. Although all of my operating system is in English, the installed version of WLW is in French. I cannot find a way to change it, and I am not sufficiently technical to understand the instructions in French for linking it to Blogger.

Is there a way I can get rid of it and re-install in English? I've tried to find it in Add and Remove Programs, but WLW doesn't show there, only Windows Live Assistant and Windows Live Sync.

Thanks for any help.

Thanks Brian, but there is no entry for Windows Live Essentials. Only the two Windows Live thingies I mentioned above. Windows Live Writer shows up on my Start list of programs, and it starts when I click on it. But it isn't in the list of installed programs that can be uninstalled. So it's there, but it isn't, if you see what I mean.