Windscale Chimneys

These chimneys are coming down, remember climbing to the top of the one on the left, about 40yrs ago.

Often wondered just how bad the ‘fire’ and resulting contamination, really was, I was staying on a farm at the time, recall the milk being poured down the drain, it was lucky for the UK the wind was Easterly, not so lucky for Ireland and the IoM

The idea of that climb makes my palms sweat, Bill. How did you get to the top, is there a ladder fixed to the side, or do you climb with an ice-axe and ropes? :nauseated_face::scream:

Are you actually 'He Who Does It Just Because The Lady Loves Milk Tray"? :chocolate_bar::sparkling_heart::heart_eyes:

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No ice axe for that Pete :rofl:, there’s a series of ladders, the filter bit at the top, (Cockcrofts Folly) is huge, you could drive a car round it.
Good job Cockcroft insisted on that, it’s a filter, or the contamination from the fire, in 1957, would have been seriously more disastrous!