Windsor Davies

(Teresa Shipley) #1

Windsor Davies has died today aged 88.

(Jane Williamson) #2

Mr la de da gunner Davis

(stella wood) #3

I used to love that series…

(Timothy Cole) #4

Had been living in France since he retired.

(stella wood) #5

Well, he should have enjoyed his last years then… :relaxed:

(Teresa Shipley) #6

In one episode he says’i have never seen such a display of blatant poofery.’
Would never be aired now with such remarks and yet it was his attitude we were laughing at not gay people.

(stella wood) #7

Quite so… Teresa…

I’ve friends of all colours/persuasions/whatever … and when we are together, we relax and have a wonderful time… laughing and joking… we don’t have to stop and think “oh, will this offend”… because we are laughing with each other not at each other…

I fear that much of our banter would not go down well in a public.

(Timothy Cole) #8

The show was of it’s time but in today’s ‘pc’ world no one would dare put it on tv which is a shame as it would highlight how more tolerant and respectful we’ve become.

(stella wood) #9

I know that some of my pals are heartily sick and tired of PC … even if it is meant to be for their benefit.

and, perhaps I should explain… we laugh and joke amongst ourselves… but not at the expense of others (whether present or not)

(Teresa Shipley) #10

Till Death us Do Part probably did more to highlight racism than any other programme. It made the general public realise what offensive bigotry was really like.

(stella wood) #11

and… Love Thy Neighbour…gave a different view…showed both sides… :thinking:

(Teresa Shipley) #12

Yes. Although for me it was never as funny or watchable as the other comedies at the time.

(Michael Archer) #13

Used to see him regularly at the Saturday market in Montaigu de Quercy 82 when we lived in that area and was always easy to approach and to talk too.

(Michael Archer) #14

The best part of 20 years I believe that they have lived in France.