WineBottler (for Mac)

Do any of our Mac aficionados have experience of Wine (or WineBottler)? I need to install a Windoze duplicate bridge scoring program onto an oldish MacBookPro for someone taking over these responsibilities at our Bridge Club. (I'd be happy to use a Mac application, but can't find one that's any good.)

As this is likely to be the only Win application on the machine, the concept of WineBottler, as I understand it, seems to meet the requirements. Has anybody used it and, if so, what's it really like?

For the record, most of my recent experience is with the Wintel world, but I have plenty of good things to say about Macs. My children & grandchildren have them for personal use, and I was once a Mac networking consultant in one of the world's largest companies, with a MacII on my desk. That was, however, over 25 years ago!