Winter Blues - Vive La Grasse Matinée!

The Christmas decorations are once again packed away in their box for another year.

Everything looks bare, both inside and outside the house, and for sure, the weather will start to get colder.

Winter in France , especially in the rural areas can be hard, as life slows down and a mass human hibernation takes place.

What do you do to keep going in the quieter months?

Here's few ideas to start the conversation.......

My job ;-) unfortunaly it is an hour's drive to get there so it means going in the dark & coming back in the dark too.

Brian - yes of course. Where our S.des F benefits, is that we are having a "mini solar farm" installed as a back hander from the company who have installed the small wind farm we have on the edge of the village.

Ideal for a tiny village with just 221 inhabitants, but as you say, the financing of a new roof is enough to make a grown man cry........hope you find a solution soon .

Right, there are but that covers part of the incredibly expensive removal of asbestos and not the re-roofing which in our case will mean the entire woodwork as well as coverings. We have done our homework there already and the maire will support us, I dare not even type the cheapest of our quotes for all work for fear of my hair finally going entirely white when I see myself writing it!

@Brian - This may be a long shot, but are there grants available for removal of an asbestos roof. Our local Salle des Fetes is having its asbestos roof taken away and our Maire told me there was aid for this - worth an ask??

Well, it's head scratching time for us. We have an asbestos roof that must go. The rain has caused quite a lot of damage and the couple of hard frosts have made it dangerous. It is a big, expensive job we cannot afford. So we will be keeping ourselves active trying to get our heads round that and finding work to pay for a solution.

Get up later, shuffle to work to check updates, hoping (usually in vain), that someone might want to buy something, and occasionally lamenting the fact that there isn't a cosy pub with a roaring fire to add a little jolity to an otherwise depressing time of year.......

Actually thinking of extending my stay in bed for a few more hours…

As proof positive that a good old “grasse matinée” is just the thing in these dark times, I have just taken this photo of our hideout on the top floor - aka our bedroom - We intend to get up at 2pm…but it’s a bit of a loose plan at the moment - the light is excellent, and I could convince myself that its a much nicer day outside than it actually is.We have our usual winter phenomenon going on outside - thick, thick mist with next to no visibility…thanks be for the kettle in the corner!!