Winter holidays/ les fêtes de fin d'année

Allez-vous voyager pour les fêtes de fin d'année? [Je vais+ infinitif :) ] Moi, oui. Et vous?

So my replies to questions may be a bit far-between for the next few days.

Merci Josette!

Normalement, on se dirait " vous" parcequ' on ne se connait pas. However, many people use people " tu " in a forum. Personnally I am more comfortable with " vous" in this case at least for the first few exchanges. Treat it as a case by case; if you look at forums you will see a lot of " tutoiement" but the age group has something to do with it. It depends also on the role you play in the forum. Does this help? A rule of thumb is that familiarity too quickly may hinder some aspects of communication.

Bon voyage Josette! Amuse-toi/ amusez-vous bien! Which leads to another question - use of tu on websites like this - it seems very common - could you clarify at some point please Josette? Thanks