Winter Sales

Yes, I know we haven’t survived Christmas yet… but this info dropped into my Box…

Clearance Sales in Bordeaux: l’édition 2019 will be from WEDNESDAY 6th February to FRIDAY 8th February (inclusive).

(Days changed to avoid GJ’s)

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Alas I am too far away to participate …

The only things I have seen worth having in the January sales were some half price, long sleeved T shirts in Intermarché.

Very cosy and just right layered up for this weather :slight_smile:

Ann… this was just linked to Bordeaux as their commerce has suffered so badly already…

Maybe things are being put in place near you… makes sense to avoid GJ days…

Fortunately in our little corner of rural France we saw nothing like in the big cities.

I must admit that I would have avoided trouble spots at all costs, of course those who live and work there don’t have that luxury. Do hope that things will soon calm down !

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The Jotul shop in Periguex has 10% off until 19th February. We want a little stove for our hall/ kitchen. I like the idea of putting a kettle on it too. May have to ask them for a devis. Apparently I can also get a tax credit.