Winter Visit to Trebes

As some know, I have a house in Trebes which I am doing up on infrequent visits from Angola (where I live and work) with plan to retire there in a few years.

My sister and Brother In Law are planning to come over for 1-2 months later this year for their first ever trip to Europe (We are Australians).

Despite some (possibly too gentle) advice, they have chosen to come over in late October/November. I have only been to the house twice and both times were August /September when the weather was quite nice, shops/bars open etc and it was great. Previous trips to France have always been May through August

Are they leaving the trip so late that things just wont be open and weather will be difficult or am I being over concerned. They will be doing UK before they get to France and plan to spend maybe a week in Spain but, as I haven't been there that time of year, am concerned they may be not getting the most out of what is an expensive and probably their only trip.

I don't want to push too hard as they had reasons for their timing involving grand children though in my mind they could still change, even if that was just to do France before the UK (we all know the weather will be horrible there anyway :-) ).

I had suggested they fly to Dublin (part of the original plan anyway) then RyanAir to Carcassone at the beginning of the trip but they are concerned at how they would get their luggage over given Ryan Airs predilection to charge excess baggage for everything may make this costly

I'd like this to be as good a trip as possible for them so would appreciate any advice/comments.