Winterising the pool

That wasnt really the point John. They are away in a week for two weeks so that will be October. Should they leave pool as is for the two weeks then winterise in October or do it before going away I believe was the point.

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Our pool is still about 25 degrees. @Teresaship If yours is anything like this, just go away and do it later.
Depending on where you are, temperatures are still going to be in the high 20s.

In Lot et Garonne several people we know just leave their pools open over winter these days - just let the pump run for an hour or so to keep it ticking over - much less fuss.

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Even going away I would use the cover. I have to put my pool away for winter when I am there no matter the temperature. Nice clean pool, nice clean filter (drained) and winter cover, lower the levels and shock. Obviously if you are farther south and it is much warmer you can keep them open longer but if the pool is clean then covering it up for winter is really not a problem. Leaving the pool open if you are present is fine and running the pump in the coldest points when ice is possible so 3am ish to reduce the chance of freezing.

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Bonjour once more. Had some yellow “algues moutarde” on the steps of my shell pool, Cash Piscines have products that deal with it at once. Coming to the end of my galets, how much javel per treatment for 25metres cube of water? i keep my pool ticking over all winter…

250ml will give you 1ppm so multiples thereof.
How much to keep maintained depends on CYA level.
Still doubt mustard algae, far more common is pollen. Is it clinging to the surface or brush away with water movement?

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There’s a little shelf running round the inside of the pool where it likes to be. Nothing on the surface. Easily brushed away with a foot but time consuming! However, there again next say. Never had this in 22 years of the same treatment, arrived with the first really hot spell. However, pollen dust maybe, certainly not lumpy, 150ml of produit has taken it it all away, and it’s back to clearer than gin. For the moment! what does PPM stand for?

Parts Per Million (nearly the same as mg/l)

Kate, what was the product you used?

it is ACTI YELLOW special algues moutardes. This was given me by the delightful team who had just finished my air/water heating installation. Contains bromure de sodium. The container suggested a choc as well, but I had so little and as the galet had recently begun I did’nt. They are pool people as well, and I think pretty honourable. Known them years.

@Corona My husband got our pool water analysed at the pool shop last week, they have a La Motte I think. I wanted to chk the phosphates.
They are 479 so a bit high.
Should I use phosphate remover before winterising or on opening next spring please?

That will be the LaMotte spin tester, great bit of kit. Yes phosphates are pretty high. Its food for algae so best removed prior to winterising. It often makes the pool water cloudy for a while so if you dont fancy two weeks ish of cloudy water pool care you could wait until spring. I will be checking mine next week as the phosphates became a bit high as my eye was off the ball for a while, it was about half of your reading but hopefully near zero when I check it. I think mine was due to a build up of leaves and rainfall etc draining into the pool over winter. Best scooped off if possible.

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I think you are correct about pollen, not algae. My researches said that pollen floats on the top of the water, mine did not but brushed away, and as I have said was got rid of, but I have a sneaky feeling it’ll come back. What to do. It was certainly not slimy and/or lumpy, but I have debris from woodlice and leaves are awful every time theres wind. You seems to know an awful lot, advice please. Same trees etc but first time this has happened.

Leaving for France now, so will look in later

Morning Kate, most stuff floats at least for a while but as it gets drawn the the skimmer and exhausted through the returns (if its not caught by the filter) it ends up on the floor somewhere. If you vacuum your pool via the skimmer, scrunch up a fluffy cotton towel into the skimmer basket, that will trap most very fine particles. This is why I use the mantra, slower filtration is better filtration. Very Fast flow and lots of pressure lead to channeling inside the filter and particles can move straight through and back into the pool.

Never had floating. lowered the ph a touch, all seems well for now…thanks

Generally its too fine to see but clumps can be. Hope your pH lowering helps obviously but not sure why it would. The great chlorine low pH vs higher pH was put to rest some years back with a careful chemical anaylsis. Low pH more killing power and higher pH lower killing but higher oxidation level except when its a pool with CYA in it at which point pH makes very little difference due to CYA tempering down the chlorine. What really matters is the ratio of chlorine to CYA. In order to shock a pool containing CYA you need a chlorine level of 40% of the CYA level or above.
That is why CYA is the most important chemical in your pool above all others as it controls the chlorine. So why do pool shops not stock proper CYA tests? Maybe so they can access more of the customers wallet with magic potions.

Good morning, Corona; I wonder what you job was…thanks as usual for your ( occasionally) incomprehensible advice. My pollen only goes along the ridges of the steps and shelf halfway down round the pool. Small shock and scoop of anti algae, all very clear! I remenber the days about 6 years ago when owing to a death and time in hospital I completely forgot about ph and ran the shell pool on galets only, just putting in a new when the old was finished. Never ever a problem, even when heaven knows what collected on the bottom of the pool, I kept it ticking over in winter under a fine net (not quite fine enough!) and all was perfect. Only since this year, replacing the water and ph testing etc has there been a problem…only the bubbles on the summer covers wore out quickly, 2 years, but had cheap, perhaps bad idea. Have a sunny day. Kate.