Winter's over

My socks are wet, I believe that is indicative of a wet spring and having just walked my dogs. As I write there are two v-formations of geese honking their way over us, must have passed you an hour or so ago. In the woods ramsons (wild garlic) are flowering already and the primroses are prolific. Saw cranes the other day too. Whilst doing some pruning of peach trees this afternoon I saw that the flowers are nearly ready to open, many of the blackthorns already are. The list goes on... and on...

El Niño might have to try hard though. The local springs and our well are very full and it will take a real scorcher to empty those underground water sources. Bring it on, my shorts are ready :-D

Cranes flew over the Dordogne a week ago!!

I think your damp onions might just be indicative of months and months of 90% humidity!!! :-)