Wireless Infrared easy to install driveway alarm - the best thing I bought last week

This device is the best thing I bought last week.

I can't see the driveway entrance from my office so whenever there is a delivery I don't usually know about it until it's already too late.

This easy to install device has fixed that problem. It is wireless, has a sender and receiver unit which can be sited quite some distance apart, mine are about 20 meters away.

Whenever someone or something passes though the beam the chime sounds in the house alerting me.

It's refreshingly simple and it works, It even have a volume setting.

Batteries are not included so you'll need to order some, the sender unit uses 3 x AAA size and the receiver 3 x C size.

Safety Driveway Patrol Infrared And Wireless Home Security Alert Alarm System Kit

Everyone in my neck of the woods, including me, seems to have flue at the moment.

Excellent bits of Kit. Have used them for 3 years. Traffic, cats, rustling leaves, will set them off, so getting the angles right is important. Being woken up every morning early thinking there's a prowler during vendeange is a lesson in itself. If you want one for the post box, a circuit breaker would probably be a better idea. Think cupboard magnets. Somehting like this? http://www.crimepreventionproducts.co.uk/home-security/door-window-alarms/door-window-alarm-with-chime

Can this be put inside a post box? Our post box is not visible from the house, I assume the road traffic would set the alarm off, so if I put the sensor in the post box it should only alarm when more mail (or junk mail) arrives. Would this work? I'm a wheelchair user so pointless trips in the rain etc to check for mail are a real pain hence the question!

Can't beat a dog. Well you can, but shouldn't!
Mine is doorbell, burglar alarm, fitness coach, all in one.
Apart from that he's a mad, useless SOB.
I sometimes wonder how good life would be if I had a clever dog.........

You should have a polar bear standing on your head James !

Thanks Steve, am I that transparent?!

Shhh! The dog has just gone on strike, demanding wages..........!

If I do buy one, I promise to use your link James.

€31.55 delivered using the link above Steve!

Wow, Amazon France want 66€61 plus 25€ delivery !

My dog used to do that for me Mike but he is now too old. When people knock on the door, he wakes up and then barks solidly for 5 minutes to hide his embarrasment at having been caught out. Will be checking out James' suggestion.

Lol, Steve :)

The batteries last between 6 months to a year if you use Duracells. You can get extra receivers too!

I have one in the house & another in the workshop. Remember to turn it off at night as wildlife can set them off.

I have a red squirrel whose path to his tree takes him close enough to the sensor to set it off which he does at about 10pm!

I have a dog that does that for me!

Yeah I did. I have flu, and I'm not firing on all cylinders Steve!

I suppose being wireless, you have to find a way of stopping it running away ? Did you mean Shekels ?

I'll report back once the batteries need replacing, you can get a mains adapter for the receiver for a few extra shackles.

Be interested to see how long the batteries last. I can't even find a wireless door bell that doesn't eat batteries.

This was bought for me this week (by the bro-in-law) :

Full info here :


There are British, German, Belgian, Dutch, and French beers in there. I just wish they'd have put some South Tyrol ones in too, this one is wizard :