Wiring lights

…and here is my next question: can I put the upstairs bedroom light on the same spur as the utility room lights below it or is it a case for a spur for upstairs and a spur for downstairs? And can I put the outside light on it as well since the switches are next to each other in the utility room?

As far as I know there is just a limit of 8 lighting points per circuit. 10A breaker & 1.5mm2 cable.

Depends on how good you want to be - or need to be.

Modern normes are 2 lighting circuits minimum for a home - in theory it makes it less likely you’ll fall down the stairs in the dark if one bulb pops an MCB. If you’ve got other lighting circuits then its fine to use a circuit over two floors.

Exterior - erm… sometimes. I can’t remember the proper answer so I’ll shut up. Suspect one light is fine

It’s all surface wiring…so if bulb is out in one room then there is the light in the next room rather than the principal of an upstairs and downstairs ring main. Just less conduit that way. Veeeery old house.