Wiziwig TV - what's that about?

Hi all. In the never-ending hunt for ways to watch ze rugby, since all the Sky channels moved to the Astra Satellite, we've tried many sites, such as FilmOn, cricfree tv, etc., and recently a friend told us about Wiziwig. It seem to require that you install additional software. Now this usually sets off alarm bells with me, but before I left their site, I took a look at the "Beginners Guide".

Any advice please? What are the pros and cons of following the steps outlined here: http://www.wiziwig.tv/guide.php?part=software

Thanks in advance.


Hi David

No links / ads please as per the T&C. If you want to advertise please contact James Higginson as per the welcome message that was posted on your home page. Obviously it is absolutely fine to tell people what you do - hence I have left your post - just removed the link. Feel free to post the link to your website on your home page and direct people there - again as per the welcome message. Hope this makes sense!



We offer an Internet Service for British TV

There are also Android TV boxes that don't require a monthly subscription:-

Ici c'est Toulon - Pilou Pilou !


Hi Ian and thanks for the reply. I did click on a link (those of you who know me here are no doubt face-palming right now!). Took me a few days to get rid of everything! IN my defence, I ran the link through Google who said it was safe Yeah, right!

So back to basics. I don't mind what the language is. Both Henry and myself probably know the game better than many commentators (and I include Stuart Barnes in that!). In Ireland, we have a dedicated Irish language station which acquired rights to show some of the Guinness Pro12 games, with commentary in Irish/Gaelic.

Good advice re streaming on two browser windows. If and when I find a link which doesn't require installation of questionable software, I might try that.

Thanks and kind regards

Sheila and Henry


HI Peter. Have you missed something? Not much. Obviously I missed your reply coming in, so apologies for not acknowledging same earlier.

What's missing are the channels! Down here in the South of France, the majority of us who had Sky lost all reception when the bulk of the channels were moved to the new Astra satellite, which has a much smaller "footprint". Some folk bought huge dishes, and this was not an option for us. So we "retired" the Sky box and cancelled our subscription - which also meant we lost our Irish channels, one or two of which had rights to show some of the rugby in the Guinness PRO 12. North of us, above Toulouse, some people are still managing to pick up a signal.

Anyway, thanks for the reply!

Kind regards, Sheila and Henry

Hi Sheila, I use this site : http://livetv.sx/en/allupcomingsports/33/

which when you click on an upcoming match, shows you a list of sites running the match. You have to shop around, keep away from the ones wanting extra software installed as you rightly suspect, but you can usually find one or two good ones with English commentary (or Russian even if you fancy it). It's helpful to clocl on a bit before the match because if lots of folk turn up once it's started, you sometimes find the game "freezing" on the stream ; indeed, I often run the game on two separate Firefox pages, from two different channels, with one having the sound down ; if one freezes, the other can take over!

Hi Sheila

If you have Sky then you have access to BBC1 & 2 regional channels which usually offer some coverage of Rugby. I watch BBC2 Wales and S4C being Welsh but In know I can watch BB2 Scotland and BBC2 N Ireland to watch their games all within the (my) basic package.

You can find the channels on the channle list option

You can buy Sky Sports and get the English games if that is your desire.

Have I missed something?

Peter S