Woman arrested after eight die in Paris blaze

What an appalling tragedy.

Yes, it made me go cold when I saw this.
Any fire is bad enough but one that appears to have been deliberatly started with such a loss of life is shocking… :cry:

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There have been two really serious fires near me in Lancashire over the last few days ,thankfully severe structural damage only , and now four children have been killed in a fire in Staffordshire. What is it with fires recently you don’t hear of major ones for ages now there are so many

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We read that the woman ‘responsible’ for the fire is mentally ill. But it should not be assumed that it was deliberately set. Mentally ill people are as prone to accidents as anyone else. She may be afflicted with dementia or otherwise distracted, confused, or forgetful.

We should all be more aware of unconscious and deeply entrenched biases against mental illness, there is more than enough stigmatisation around to be going on with.

The death toll is now 10 and could rise.
The woman concerned appears to have a history of mental problems, including violence and trying to set fire to a shop in the past.
She was drunk and was caught trying to set fire to a car on the night when she had already set fire to the appartments, allegedly afer a dispute with neighbours.
No one is doubting she has problems.
How much she is aware of her actions will be investigated, however it’s still a shocking waste of life, not to forget all those injured …