Woman with Van makes demenagement easy

Dear all

We have finally arrived in our new home in Caen -- the "village suburb" of Venoix, to be precise.

With so many horror stories -- including our own (don't ask) about removals, we were naturally concerned as we wanted to put everything in store while we stayed in a self-catering apartment to do our home-hunting on the spot.

In the event, Jennifer of Wo-Van made the whole operation painless.,. even when the lift serving our sixth floor flat in London packed up just as the last load was being lined up.


As a couple of 60-somethings we were particularly pleased that Jen has split the job into two loads with a mid-sized van rather than a big pantechnicon! So there is a fighting chance that we will have a lot of the first boxes unloaded before she arrives with the second lot in a few days time.

Also as she told us it is much easier to park and load/unload a Luton-type van either in a residential parking bay or -- as friends have already confirmed -- at the end of a country lane.

Jen is "back and forth to and from France" all the time, so if you have just a few things to bring or take in either direction, it could be worth giving her a call.

Happy memories of Venoix from the '70s Ken. I rented a flat there for a while when Venoix was still a fairly 'village type' place to live. I drove through it last year and couldn't believe the changes !

It was great for me because as a football fan the Stade de Venoix was the home ground of SM Caen. This started my support for the club which remains my 'French' club. They moved out of the cramped stadium a few years back to a much grander stadium at Carpiquet.