Women expats in rural France

Of course circumstances change - especially health, as you mention.

I often feel that we bit off just a little more than we could chew when we bought the house - it’s a bit of a challenge to do the DIY and garden when we only have about 25-30 days a year annual leave in which to visit.

But, at the moment, I’m happy with that - we know that any bigger would have been impossible so we shouldn’t be sitting around wondering “could we have had somewhere with a bit more land/a bit more space” - we know the answer! :slight_smile:

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But people have different criteria and aspirations in life. I’m not ready to move into a one bedroom bungalow with a patio just yet! Throughout my adult life I’ve moved house every 5-10 years or so, and I fully expect to do so at least once more. We knew our current house would be unlikely to be suitable for 80 year olds, but wanted to enjoy having space and projects until then. And then pass on a beautifully restored house and garden to someone else…

So far having space and a project has also kept us fit…so may have given us extra years of healthy living as well?


Absolutely Jane.
Our garden is getting a bit too much for Jim, but then he opened up more from the field.
What do people do but vegetate if they have no interest?
Houses without bookshelves, no workshop or craft room.
Not the sort of life for us at all.


Nor me but I managed to find a half way purchase that allows me to live in a beautiful village in a 2 bed house that has massive rooms and a walled garden but if I need to I have organised that I can live on the ground floor only so can enjoy it until I need to be put out to pasture