Womxn or Women (or Wimin)

Been a controversy in the U.K. the last few days over the use of womxn instead of women. TBH it has backfired on the Wellcome collection who used the expression in some publicity. Apparently it is more inclusive and less obviously linked to the term men
Personally I think it’s a load of ballcocks , and cr@p like that does more harm in the long term


Change the spelling to wimin, job done :slight_smile:


It’s utterly ludicrous. Surely we have way more important things to worry about right now.


Nothing’s new… or so it seems…

How about dame? There’s nothing like a. :notes:

One recently-departed neighbour used to call me Madame la Contessa … he was a lovely man and it was an “in” joke between us, which sometimes startled others if they overheard him… :wink::hugs:

Well there you are, Dame Stella. It’s a pity IMO that the title Dame is reserved to chivralry and that ‘ordinary’ people are excluded from any entitlement to it. It dignifies and respects womanhood. Madam has accrued old-fashioned, perjorative and unsavoury meanings, missus is much the same. The title Mrs is, for many women, an unwelcome sign of subordination to a man’s superior status.

I wonder how many women would be in favour of reclaiming it, and resurrecting its singular honour? How about it Dame Stella, Dame Nellie, Dame Helen, Dame Véronique, Dame Jane, Dame Cat and all you others?

Ha ha… Madame la Contessa… has nothing unsavoury associated with it… I’ll stick with that or “notre étoile”… which is another label I have acquired… :hugs:

I prefer Lady Jane, but the problem is that she lost her head.


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It was a dark day for mankind when they got the vote.:grinning:


For some reason Specsavers had my wife recorded as “Dame”. I thought it a shame when we moved here and suggested she get a prescription from them so we could continue the charade. She declined and said she would rather just be my little princess. “Little”? I ask you!

Since the wo part is added on to man to mean a man with a womb what is the problem? Storm in a teacup. Where ignorance is bliss t’is folly to be wise.

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I would prefer the use of womxxxn! If not, then good old woman or women suits me just fine…