Wonderful Horse


What a great idea.

Indeed it is, but how on earth did they persuade the hospital authorities to allow such a large animal into the confines of a hospital?

I tried a similar thing before the pandemic, in 2019. My late English Setter, Tosca, was, at 16 years of age, totally unimpressed by dogs but really loved the company of humans.

As I was already scaling back on my transporting journeys to spend more time at home I thought she would be ideal to visit the local old peoples’ home where many of the residents were either bed or chair bound.

The result? No thank you, we already have a contract with someone in the next town. :frowning_face:

Probably a government approved dog.

Hmmm, perhaps, but maybe rather than a blanket no, a little info about how to obtain such an exalted status would have been better? :slightly_smiling_face:

From what I’ve seen of her, Tosca would have been good in that role.

As for the “how”, that question occurred to me (and the thought about hygiene … :poop:). I wonder if there was someone sufficiently senior who saw the benefits and simply made it happen?