Wondering if I should be worried!

I have lived in France for 8 years, and I now find myself liking French music on the radio! Also I understand the words in the song and I find myself singing at the top of my voice!

Is this a good thing or bad thing one has to ask!! Have I lived here to long!

I lived in Wales for five years before coming here and know the bit about strike a chord and the Welsh start singing. What used to amaze me was how many non-Welsh speakers her the music start and out came the Cymru to the last word of the final chorus. So there must be inherent bilingual traits in the Welsh but now I find myself wondering. Is it new songs rather than old ones? Many of the new singers have discordant voices, are thus terrible singers really, although a few are admittedly fantastic. For some reason Welsh folk do not sing like that. Top of voice, well terribly Welsh, understanding words, oh dear, much of the time one has difficulty doing that in any mother tongue. If you ask nicely at your local pharmacy they might sell pills for it. Mind you, I would tell them that you are singing very loud in German so that they realise it is an ailment. If that doesn't work, since you are already a publisher, launch your own record label, record yourself, have CDs made and get rich!

Er, yeah. But audio transcription (English) too. I'm a half and half girl. A juggler. A pain in the rump. Sheila will confirm that. Tee hee.

So no hope?

Oh dear!

As you may see in my profile picture I have Welsh blood in me, so I guess it is enevitable ( I don't think I spelt that right!! oh well!)

Oh dear, I think this is more serious than we thought.

Well you see the problem is it is Jonny, but alot of the modern young music! and they never say the names on the local radio station! The music has a great beat and very um balladie (not a word I know!) so I find myself getting caught up with music!

I feel that it is a hopeless case and there is not diagnosis as it would probably mean having to go back to the UK which I am afraid is not an option!

James I think I may be beyond help! I am only 36 do I have worse to come I wonder!

OO Valerie did you say PROOFREADER!!!!

Aha, you see, it's the profession. Doing audio transcription and proofreading I need quiet to work so have inadvertently protected myself against contracting Francolitis. Yes, if you're feeling a bit stressed your immune system could be a little low and you're much more vulnerable. I wonder if there's an antidote.

I think you need to seek help Kirsten! ;)

In order to offer a full diagnosis of your condition, perhaps you could identify some of the music for us - Jonny Halliday, Edith Paif????

I thought that may of been the case!! oh well C'est la Vie!

I'm putting it down to stress!! I'm a publisher and I am running up to summer season!!

Or as you say I am doomed!

Lol, I think Francolitis has seeped in through your pores. You're doomed, my love, doomed.