Wood boiler central heating

"The old oil boiler maybe on it's way out so any advise on a wood log boiler? Need about 30kw for 18 rads."

We most certainly did have our wood gasification boiler fitted by Enershop it is the smallest of the range 15 kw as we only have 5 rads at the moment but they are the large old cast iron rads its more than capable of running a couple more which it will be come next winter i believe there is a photo of our boiler on the facebook page of enershop . Michael and his mate were clean and tidy with attention to detail even taking my old oil boiler down to the local tip

Wood gasification is a great solution. Look at: http://www.enershop.eu/woodgasificationboilers.htm

John Alcock has had one installed by them, we would if our rayburn gave up...


It was quite expensive but considering the cost of oil last year we felt the difference between the cost of a new oil boiler or this one it would pay for the difference in no time. Sods law here we are a year later and oil has plummeted! We still have no regrets because chances are it will go back up again and we are very pleased with it.

We had other things done at the same time but we did get a rebate, I think it was 35% of the cost of the boiler only. I don't recall what just the boiler cost somewhere between 22 to 25,000 or so including the installation of the boiler and the silo.

We are considering a pellet boiler as well. What was the cost and did you get a tax rebate?

It isn't a log boiler but we have a 35 kw Hargassner wood pellet boiler that we had installed last year and can highly recommend it.