Wood Boring Insects

Hi All

When we first moved in we had our barn sprayed with insecticide. It has been good for 6 years. But we are seeing wood dust coming down from the roof beams and roof boards.

We could get it re-sprayed buy I have been looking at insect smoke bombs. Has anyone any experience of these?



@Rob_le_Pest is the man

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Smoke bombs have no residuel effect, so useless against insects burrowed in wood.
Spraying is the best option; I’m not a fan of injecting, it’s unnescessay and expensive in my opinion.

On the DIY tin it give a 10 or 20 year guarantee protection, with a big asterisk: Ideal temperature, air flow, humidity etc.

Respraying, even after 6 years is not unreasonable if all the criterias as expressed on the tin are not met.

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Thanks Mat

Could it be carpenter ants?