Wood Burner

Does anyone know of anyone who is able to provide us with an insurance certificate to approve the installation of our stove?

I do business with the "outlet" in Carcassonne , but I understand that they have operations elsewhere in France. They put the stove in and provide the annual ( insurance ) certificate for cleaning the chimney. They also service the Jotul and so far have been very good . We had a broken glass in the stove , it was bought ,repaired / fitted with new asbestos seals for approx €100.

You might try Rene-Brisach, they installed our Jotul and we use them to service it and do the annual chimney cleaning. For a fee they might come out and inspect your installation. Worth a try!

I don't know the answer but maybe you could ask a local installer /retailer to check and issue a certificate,I imagine there would be a cost involved

The firm who installed it should have provided a receipt acknowleging that it was installed in conformity with the regulations or the devis they gave would provide the same evidence. If you did it yourself then you have the responsibility.