Wood Burning Cooker Range

I plan to buy a wood burning cooker range to add to our Central Heating system. The models I am considering are Wamsler 900 or 1100, De Manicor FKA900 or La Nordica Thermo Suprema or Rosa. These are all expensive beasts and I am reluctant to make a decision on which model best suits my cooking needs without trying first. Most showrooms only have gas or electric models actually working. I am therefore trying to find households anywhere in France or UK who use one of these wood burning cooker ranges as their principal source of cooking in the winter, with a view to coming and trying it out. I will of course bring all food necessary to feed the family (including our own home-produced pork with crackling!)

We have a Rayburn Supreme. It heats our hot water, runs our central heating and we cook on it. It consumes quite a lot of wood but if we used electricity for hot water, any other fuel for CH and gas/electricity for our cooker only then it would probably come out the same. The difference is that the kitchen is permanently like toast. We have a joint of pork in slowly roasting at present as it would happen, crackling and all - we trained butcher who now knows about leaving the couenne on. The top plate actual accommodates four pots if necessary, the oven is brilliant and the bottom compartment for keeping stuff warm great. I know the Nordica range but not the others, they are all expensive but I have had one at my 'permanent' home for the last nearly 40 years and can only say that all three models I have had were superb.