Wood Burning Stove - Poele a bois

(James Higginson) #1

We need a new wood burner, the one we have is not designed to stay in over night and it’s output isn’t great.

Any recommendations? I like the Invicta Modena, does anyone have one?


(James Higginson) #2

It does indeed, very interesting, thanks. I'll have a look at the fan bits etc next time I'm in one of the DIY sheds.


(Jim Archibald) #3

Hi James,

Try the link below:-


or type poele a bois modena in ebay search. There are two available.


(James Higginson) #4

Hi Jim

I found CDV on ebay but they don’t have the Modena, do you have a contact number for them. I will definitely be getting one from them if they have them at 500€

Thanks for the tip



(Jim Archibald) #5

My modena is brick lined and takes 55cm logs. Single door, not enamelled, large ash tray, top flue only.


(Jim Archibald) #6

Hi James,

I have just bought a brand new Modena. Not installed yet, but looks the business. 12kw output and stays in all night. Look at CDV in Bordeaux on EBay - less than 500euros. Pay 171euros over each of three months and that includes delivery. Delivery was less than 1 week.

(James Higginson) #7

I was afraid the cost would be high, we currently have a cheap 11kw wood burner, never having owned a better, more efficient stove I can’t be sure if the rated output from the more expensive units is different. I’m hoping so.

I think Doron (Renovation group creator and C’s uncle and all round good dude), has a couple of the Clearviews and I’ve seen them in action, they appear to burn a significant amount less wood than I would to generate the same heat from ours.

I like the Invicta mainly due to the way it looks, they are available online here for just under 1k, 30% more if enamelled. But no bricks. I’ll keep on with the research, thanks :wink:


(Stuart Wilson) #8

Are you sitting down?
Stove + installation 5000€ but we got 1300€ back on the stove itself for credit d’impots. That has gone down to 40% this year or even less if I’m not mistaken.
The Charnwood Island III is 2790€
Installation including the chimney on the roof and double insulated black tubing to ceiling height and the stainless between ceiling and roof. 2200€. The pre-fabricated chimney alone cost 1000€.
The charnwood and clearview both have the heat retaining one piece bricks inside, on the sides and back. I’m not sure if the Invicta has. The heat efficeinecy of a Charnwood is 75% compared to the invictas 73% so no real difference there.
All I can say is that the Chrnwood is easy to light, easy to clean (though the ash trays are not huge) and it gives off a lot of heat.
I think the bricks make it a slower heat if you know what I mean?
When I said you could get a new one for just over a grand in the UK, I meant the Invicta.
My friend had one withh no bricks in and I didn’t find it as good.

Hope this helps.


(James Higginson) #9

How much did the installation cost? Is it lined with concrete blocks?



(Stuart Wilson) #10

Oh, forgot, you can pick one up new in the UK for just over a grand with a bit of nego.

(Stuart Wilson) #11

It looks good James.
I have had experience of two woodburners:
Clearview 650 and Charnwood Island III.
Both had fire bricks (clean combustion and better heat retention) inside and I would strongly recommend that feature. Both have double doors and I prefer that option.
I currently have the Charnwood in our “modern” house. It’s rated at 12kw I think but feels like a bloody furnace.
The only problem being whether you could pick one up second hand. We had ours installed and took advantage of the 50% credit d’impots. We didn’t even have the chimney through the roof etc, so I preferred to play safe for insurance purposes, especially as we still have the decenal.

Again, the Invicta looks good. Check the location for which way the door opens.