Wood burning stove with oven installation

Hello, can anyone recommend someone - French tradesman is fine - in the Charente region, who can recommend on and install a wood burning stove into our traditional French kitchen? Unfortunately our gas boiler is flued through the chimney so it needs to be someone who knows what they’re doing! I’m not looking for advice on what to buy so please don’t offer it!

If I was going to do that I would go to one of the established family run firms locally who specialise in that area. Which part of the Charente are you in?

Cognac - the problem is that I’m struggling to find someone in our locality and would like a recommended installer. The engineer who installed and serviced our central heating isn’t responding to requests for a quote.
Many thanks.

I too would recommend that you use someone who knows what they are doing. We were let down badly by an Aga installer who was to install our Rayburn wood burning stove, with central heating and an oven. This meant we had to find someone local and it was a problem, no-one seemed to want to do it. It took us along time with a lot of frustration to get anywhere near a satisfactory result.

I’m sorry I cannot recommend anyone to you but have you tried to contact the manufacturer to see if they can recommend an installer for you.

Tradesmen who do not respond to enquiries or complaints are a nuisance. If they were to say I am not interested then it gives you the opportunity to find somone else. At least you know where you stand.

Best of luck.

If you are buying the stove here in France… the supplier will surely be able to advise on Fitters.