Wooden Fire Surround AKA Fireplace

Does anyone have any idea how close it is safe to have a wooden fire surround to an insert stove?

We have an insert stove, don’t ask, which we bought about 12 years ago and fitted it into our kitchen fireplace. This was fine for holidays. Now resident and having almost completed the full redesign and fitting out of the kitchen, I just have the fireplace to complete.

I was kindly given some lovely coat hooks mounted on huge Oak backboards. These have been fashioned into a fire surround. However, they are only 5 or 6 inches from the stove and I have concerns about them catching on fire.

Thoughts please.

It you are worries about the closest parts that you cant see you could use some rie retardant paint !

Gents, many thanks for your replies. I have the exhaust and uptakes pretty much covered, lined chimney. It’s the fire surround around the fire front that is giving me concerns

these were taken during construction it took three of us to lift the beam in place

While this isnt an insert it may give you some idea of how close, the beams are solid oak this was taken during construction the cross beam at the top gets warm but not had any cause for concern not sure how much heat an insert throws out but during the winter of 2011/2012 the hob on the top of the stoves was a dull red

I'm pretty sure you have no worries.

Building regs in the UK state that no combustible material should be within 50mm of a flue, for example. This suggests to me that no material will catch fire unless it is practically touching. It would be good to have this confirmed.....my limited knowledge comes from being a carpenter, ie. fixing combustible materials in the industry for many years.....