Wooden hinged box for sale

Pretty wooden storage box, hinged top opening. Distressed style, grey, nice detail, excellent condition.
H 45cm / L 70cm /D 44.5cm. 50 euros ONO. Condom (32).


Lovely piece of craftsmanship. How much?

I don’t think you would fit in it :joy::joy::joy:

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I think the 50 Euros in the OP is probably a clue. :slight_smile:

Should have gone to specsavers Peter.


lovely, just too far away for me

just measured anyhow its 2 cm too long for the space i though of.

Cruel :grinning:

Just to clarify, 50 euros ONO :wink: 'Tis a lovely box.

Yeah, got about ten pairs of specs Mick and none of them work proper… time I had a head transplant :upside_down_face::grimacing:

50€ is a good price. unfortunately if i cut away part of our stairs to fit this lovely box in my lovely wife will box me around the head.

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