Afternoon all, hopefully I am in the right place to post this?

Wonder if anyone can throw any light on this please.

Walls in the house have been plastered with Lime (Cement/Gypsum products banned anywhere near the property - stone) this is covered with a wood pulp product called Steicoflex then an intelligent membrane called Intello, all available easily throughout France, to this is 35mm batton as a service gap.

On the top of this I need to put a further breathable board, plasterboard is not breathable so thats out. In the UK there is a product called "woodwool" for the slightly more mature members here you may remember that this is the swirly soundproof boards mainly used in factory ceilings.

In France I am told this stuff is called "Fibrolite" but all I can find about this stuff is that its a cement/asbestos board - obviously if I use this stuff (guess its unavailable anyway) I will have the asbestos police around to cart me off.

So, afterall of the above does anyone know what Woodwool is called in France, if indeed it is available, local merchants (Mortain, Normandy and surounding) have never seen it and don't know what it is, although quite happy to obtain if I can point them in the right direction.

This is commonly available in the UK but for the quantity required its a bit of a mare to get it over to France.

Alternatively does anyone know of an alternative product to this that is a fully breathable board and can be rendered or skimmed directly to (Lime of course)

Thanks in advance.


Many of the fibre de bois products on the leroymerlin.fr site are indeed described as semi-rigide, but this one, is described as both rigid and water-vapour permeable. The panels are described as bouveté, which seems to cover various ways of joining up wooden pieces, & which I guess means that these are tongued & grooved. In fact, we have had similar panels used upstairs in place of 'proper' t&g flooring both in the UK & in our current (timber-framed) house in France.

Reading about the processes used, I'd imagine that the rigid panels start off with the same wooden fibres as the semi-rigid, but greater temperatures & pressures are employed to get the rigid version. They probably also employ different additives for the differing types.

There's quite a lot of info on these in English if you Google for Agepan.

Hope you find what you need.

Peter, thanks for the response, fibre de bois looks like its a semi-rigid wood fibre panel like the SteicoFlex this is already in situ on the walls 40mm against the wall, then the timber studding infilled with 80mm panels.

The wood wool is a very rigid board made up of generally 3mm strips of wood shavings held together by cement, just contridicted myself there with my references to cement above but the amount in the wood wool is very minimal it allows passage of maisture and is fully breathable.


Googling for "fibre de bois" found images that looked very much like your pic, such as on this page. Leroy-Merlin stock it, and it looks as if it's widely available elsewhere as well, in a variety of thicknesses, sizes , etc.

Thanks Melissa, I think I can cobble emough together for them to understand what I am tryiong to find.


If you speak French or can compose an email with Google Translate contact these people http://www.luni-vert-materiaux.fr/ they may be able to advise you. They are at Nerac, Lot et Garonne.

Hi Melissa, thanks for the response, just googled as suggested, laine de bois is essentially what is already there - the Steicoflex.

What I am looking for is the rigid boards as at


The Steicoflex laine de bois is easily available in France, and is used as a breathable insulation, what I cant figure out is what is actually used on the top of this that allows vapour and moisture transfer through stone built buildings.

I am told to use plasterboard but that totally defeats the object of using breathable products behind it, to use plasterboard I may as well have used foam insulation but that is something that should just not be done on stone.

I can have the stuff transported from the UK but the cost isnt very cheap and my trailer isnt big enough.


What about laine de bois? I have just googled bois laine and found that.


I was just wondering if you managed to find the wood wool you were looking for in the end? I find myself in exactly the same situation now. This is what I am after but I really don’t want to have to get it delivered all the way from Wales!



If you google under the product name of Celenit there is info around…

takes a bit of searching but they seem to do 48 different types of Celenit …