Woozgo Abo

Have you checked your mobile phone bill recently?

Bouygues Telecom have decided to sign me up without asking to #WoozgoAbo at 9.95€ per month. I’ve seen on the Bouygues Forum that they are doing a lot of this. You can unsubscribe but apparently getting a refund is very difficult.

Apparently Orange are doing the same.

They obviously need the money!

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There are a number of things that one has to physically “opt out of”… or else you get charged, because it is “assumed” that you are happy with whatever new gadget/offer is available… darn nuisance. :zipper_mouth_face:

SFR tried it on with me… huh… they felt the full strength of my displeasure :wink::open_mouth::open_mouth: … and yes, I did get the money refunded. However, for some reason they are unable to clear the details, so each month shows the “charge” and “refund” which balance each other out of course… BUT I watch them like a hawk… once bitten… :zipper_mouth_face:


Take a look at this @Rob_le_Pest … it gives the info about cancelling and claiming back… might be worth a go… do make your feelings quite clear to them…:wink:


Hi Stella
I did exactly that as soon as I got the text thanking me for signing up for 9.95€ a month. B****y outrageous.

I posted it to warn others about Woozgo Abo, Apparently several networks are doing this.

Faire gaffe!

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Haven’t got it on my Orange bill (yet), but wtf is woozygo Gabo?

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Do you not have an alternative to wtf Mark ? :slightly_smiling_face:

:rofl: Woe, woe and thrice woe… (what on earth :relaxed:)

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Probably, but why? Are you offended?

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Just seems a ‘bit adolescent’ Mark, I assume you aren’t :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally I’m not offended by the three letters placed in the afore-mentioned order. In the era of texto-speak We have to get in with the yoot. Lol, smiley face etc. No need to start a debate, but if Mrs Brown can say feck 50 times in 30 mins, one should be allowed to say wtf.

Anyway, Mr Robbins I think the telecoms companies in Franceland are signing and automatically charging customers to things they never requested. Very naughty very sneaky and definitely not cricket.

Keeping SFN neutral, informative and friendly as always. Keep it nice!

Rob (smiley face)


Well I probably use WTF at least 20 times a day when I’m flicking through the bollox in the lame stream media…I’ve never heard of this either but signed into my orange account just to see if there’s anyway of opting out prior to knowing what it is…so thanks for the heads up…! x :slight_smile:


Ah well lack of vocabulary, this will probably improve as you grow up / mature :+1:

And…nobody has answered the question - what IS woozgo abo? :confused::confused:

Presume it’s this,

I had no idea until I searched it, like Chris Kite. But they billed me 9.95€ for the pleasure. Check your mobile phone bill for spurious charges.

Carl, it is the mobile phone companys own version of socialising with your friends a bit like Facebook.

Even more scandalous, fb is free and you have to sign up. Woozgo Abo is a tenner a month and they sign you up automatically.

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Thank you for the clarification folks - although, as we are still in the UK at the moment, we dont have the problem - I was just curious.

Either way, I thought there was EU legislation to prevent this sort of thing happening? They certainly would get away with it here!

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I’d have thought that GDPR provisions would rule out this abuse of customer data? And GDPR is an EU wide initiative.

Another good reason for me to get a PAYG phone not a contract, I think.