Word document page numbers

I want to remove the page numbers from a word document. How do I go about doing so?



You're a star, Valerie.

Though, thank you to you all for your advice.

Best wishes


Hi Glyn

The simplest way is double click on the "1" on the first numbered page so it's highlighted, then press 'delete'. Should take them all out.

Try to see if there is a tab for headers and footers as it may be placed in there and then you go the first number in the footer and delete it. If this works then just remove page numbering from the footer. This may be it.

It is word 2007, but i can't see any delete button at the bottom.

But thanks for your help.

I could say start number from an added blank page and then copy and paste to a new document. Would that work? No it doesn't.


Doesn't work. I'm bloody useless at these type of things. Can you put it in English (I know that's pretty stupid as it's obvious what you are saying.)

When I get to 'You can then click off the page numbers.' there's no off!