I have entitled this Post "Wordfusion" as a hybrid of 'Word' ( as in Wordpress ) and 'Confusion' as in WTF? I have instigated this mainly as I have just heard B**** ***** describe herself as a "Solopreneur."

Freelance B***** is a Wordpress developer..who will not find "Solopreneur" in her spellchecker...the French don't even have a word for it!

So with the upmost of respect to the lady... we have had our fill of "nobrainers,"" running things up flagpoles to see who salutes." We just don't need word fusions!

Brunch! we may have got(ten) used to, but as we become more and more bombarded with such phraseology... Compound words, Twerges, Sworges, Bushisms.... the mind boggles!

( or should I say moggles )

Checkout some corkers



and a new one on me ....procrasterbate!

I think if we carry on condensing our language eventually there will only be a handful of words we can use.

Twaddle and Bollocks ....Twallocks!

Anyone else got any wusions? or can you think of any that we can export to you know where?

Just had a follow up Skatter across the pond with ma bezzie mate…who reminded me that Bernie and I myself…also created the Malinodcat… Malibu-Pernod-Avocat… nice!

Here is a picture of one being brought up to us, on the top deck of a well known bar in Cap D'Agde.

I was Skatting the other day with an old buddy, about the olden days...

What?...Skatting? a fusion of Skype and Chatting! c'mon, keep up.

In the days when I drished ( drank like a fish ) me an my mate Bernie ( Bernice ) Cooke 'invented' some Cocktails ( not a twerge BTW ) ...sort of liguid Twerges if you will.

Malinod ( Malibu and Pernod, a quite nice Bounty flavour with an Aniseed aftertaste )

Now, ifin the Barsteward poured the the Pernod first...it was called a

Pernibu ...

all well and good, but when a gigger of Vodka was introduced...

They became

Malinodka and

Pernibuka.....Eventually, when we were really going for it, we added Brandy...( and renamed them MoFos )

We did go on a 30 year bender...and introduced the family of Cocktails to bars on a global basis.

I proffer that, much as you would ask for a Singpour Sling in a bar... the Cocktaiter would give you a knowing wink, ( knink ) and proceed to get jiggy wiv da melange... so would it with the Cocktails I mention here.

Why not try it?.. show me Smartfone evidence that you have asked for a Malinod ( or Pernibu ), in a bar ANYWHERE in the world...and prove that you were served the drink without question.. and

What do you think I'll pay it!


Hi Team,

I have just been conducting some further research of this most fascinating topic: The study of the..


Twerge ( "Portmanteau" )




Blurg and


Here are some Twallocks I have discovered ( NB Twallocks is a Ronnie Birks original Twerge, open source, please feel free to utilise )

Ahem.... ( that's not one, just clearing my throat )

Jeet ( dreadful grammar, but phonetically refers to "Did you eat yet?")...see fun grammar checker







Transplastic .... see if you can deuce the meanings.

nice Jay....

Whend ?

where will it end?

You would think that…but they used it in the context of unlocking your handset to prevent it from blocking other provider’s sims… You would transition from a state of simblockage to the nirvana of desimblockage…

Hi Kwashie...

as in unblocking a SIM card?... brilliant

My favourite one is from a phone company " desimblockage " I kid you not


juego de palabras.. must be right. I think jeu de mots in French..we were talking about it the other day.

I get chuckles from my French pub chums, as I jeu de mots incessantly.... the Franglais adds a little something too!

if you wish, should I do the same, where my comments refer?

could be juego de palabras. yes I also have am affected by Spoonerism which has given much enjoyment, to both myself and others

Just mindful of another family favourite.

When me and the kids are in the queue for our meals ( it's a line of people who patiently await their turn... it's an English thing ) I request a 'fork 'n knife' ( Irish accent obligatory ) and not a knife 'n fork ( not funny ).

Of course the kids copy this!...and on a recent trip to the UK, my bezzie mate's kids do now also... sorry Pat and Linda!

oops you have now! lol

Doh! never realised! ..it's the axe bit that's scary!

Sheeple. new to me Jay. ( hope you're not referring to moi? ) hahahaha