Working in a french restaurant kitchen

I thought it would be different working at the Prieure in Madiran as they’d changed owners and a new chef was installed. As part of my Commis de Cuisine training I had to do another ‘stage’ for at least 3 weeks and previously I’d been working at the 3B’s near Maubourguet. The 3B’s is a 2 star hotel restaurant and serve on average from 65 to 80 covers at midday. The Prieure, at the moment, around 8! I thought it would be calm and less frantic. Who was I kidding! The chef is a nutter! Think Gordon Ramsay language (he loves ‘Gordon speak’) with the looks of a bare knuckle fighter. And only little me to help. Ooops. He tells me he used to do kick boxing and practices kicks and false punches towards me while working. If I didn’t need a good ‘note’ for my stage I might just yet bash him on the head with one of his ‘rondo’s’. In the meantime, if any of you are eating at the Prieure (there are many english clients, especially at the weekend) I’d love your feedback on the food. Not telling you which bits I’ve cooked!

What is the name of this delightful establishment?