Working in France 4.5 months, Employer never applied for SS number -- now what?

Any advice will certainly be appreciated!

We’ve been back in France since the 3rd week of November and I was wondering why we had never gotten our paperwork for the Carte Vitale. Went to the Amelie website to set up an account and it had a blank field to fill in with my husband’s SS number. So I looked at his latest statement from Cesu – and that was blank – no number listed.

Have contacted his employer today and asked WHERE the deductions for health care and pension and so forth were going and asked if they ever registered him for his number. They said no – WE should go to URSSAF this week.

Is there someplace that we can do this online instead of spending hours in an office in Caen?

Will we ever had those deductions that have been paid in credited to his new number once he gets it?

We’re quite concerned about all of this right now. How can he have a contract for work and not have a SS number?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Oh dear…does seem an odd way for your Employer to behave… but… on the other hand, it may well be quite normal.

Whatever,…I would much prefer to go and speak with someone, face to face…even if it does mean spending hours waiting etc. Important to get the hiccup sorted and make sure the money is allocated correctly.

Hopefully, someone has experience of this sort of happening to them… ??

After a lot of online searching today – it looks like we have to call the CPAM office and ask for a face-to-face appointment. They’ll give my husband his number and take the form 736 to begin processing our Carte Vitale.

Fingers crossed that I can get through on the phone!

CPAM nearly always seem to want: birth certs, marriage cert, passports, proof of residency and RIB… at the very least :wink:

I had guessed as much and have put all of those pieces of paper into a folder. But thanks for confirming my initial ideas!