Working in France for a UK employer?

An ex-colleague wants to hire me to handle the PR/media relations (from France) for the UK organisation that she has recently joined.

(I am tax resident in France and work, as a freelance PR consultant, under the micro entreprise regime.)

However, the UK organisation has ‘issues’ about employing consultants and she is wondering if I could be paid as an part-time, home-working, ‘French’ employee instead.

Does anybody have experience of this? Or know if it’s possible? And what the pros and cons are?

Many thanks


I shall be trying to!

My contact doesn’t have a problem with consultants at all… she was a consultant herself when she last hired me and we worked together very effectively for over 4 years. I think it must be her new boss or the HR dept that is making waves. I mean, not only am I a consultant but I also work from France. Sacré bleu!

The mad thing as I see it from your information Chrissie is that the simplest answer is the one you already have in that you can bill them a consultancy fee. you sort your end out and they have no social security to pay. Would you be able to persaude them that this is the the win win situation?

Thanks Claire. Very useful info.

Here are a couple of useful links Chrissie, sorry I wasn’t in when you called . Congrats on the work offer anyway.
The last link has some useful info in the middle I think perhaps the portage thing could be the answer.

Thanks for that, Tracy. I’ve had a look through but it seems that the organisation would need to set up a French branch and I don’t think there’s a hope in hell that it would do that just for the privilege of using my services! :slight_smile:

To start you off it is possible but complicated, check out this site

Hi Chrissie
I’m pretty sure there are a few SF members in this situation - sure they will crawl out of the woodwork soon - its sunny though today so they are probably outside :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reminder, Joanna. I used to be a paid-up member of that site but my subscription has run out now and funds are very tight.

I’m still hoping that an SF member might have personal experience though, or perhaps Valerie would reply here…

Hello Chrissie

The very best person to answer this question, I think, is Valerie Lemiere, who is a member of this site and has a great website with answers to all sorts of questions at

Best regards