Working on a Yacht

(Gary Davies) #1

Good morning

I just came off a 80 metre yacht where I was working as the Chef on board, the owners who were on board, they are from Kazackstan and are of the muslim faith and eat only Halal meat, when I came on board I found in the fridges on board different meats stored one on top of the other and they had been frozen in the freezer, which is against HACCP rules, but the meat in the fridges was both Halal and pork, can you imagine if the owners had found out that the meat they were eating was in contact with pork, so I am sure that if the owners of the Yacht BERKUT read your articles they will be as I was not allowed to inform the owners myself.

(Sandra Hanks) #2

I left yachting in 1994 when you could still work on yachts and your earnings were tax free. I know yachting changed a lot after that. I was lucky to have a great boss and family who appreciated everything we did. He still owns the yacht to this day (built in Holland 1987 to 1991). I think it is the only Feadship that has never had any interior photos published (I have loads, including videos of the build). Would never change a thing and saw some wonderful places and met some fantastic people. Worked with a great crew (20 of us then, me being the only female!) - those were the days …

(Gary Davies) #3

Am based in the North of france in Metz, its all changed since the 90s though, its a slave trade now and people with new money think they can buy anything and that includes the crew

(Sandra Hanks) #4

Hi Gary
Where were you based? I worked on Feadships, my last one being based in Monaco - MY Siran - 65 meter back in the 90’s. I was lucky to work with some wonderful chefs and double up as crew chef when they went on vacation. Really miss the yachting world, especially Monaco.

(Stuart Wilson) #5

Don’t get me going on the Halal subject.