Working with a French contract from UK

Thinking of working from the UK for a year or so whilst continuing to work for my current French employer (CDI).

Would be grateful for any advise regarding what we need to do from tax/social security/administration point of view please.
Thanks in advance

Hi Anna… first thing which springs to mind…

I believe you will need to notify your current French Employer (CDI) if you take on any more work. It is something to do with ensuring that the total hours worked per week do not exceed the legal limits…

Thanks Stella for your reply.
I will be continuing to work for my current employer, on the same CDI but just based from the UK. They have offered this arrangement to me with no change to my current contract except a modification of “place of work”

Your employer needs to make the necessary arrangements with CPAM (to obtain an A1 form (, and also with the appropriate agencies in the UK to inform them that they’re sending you to work in the UK. Technically you should be put on a UK contract so as to comply with UK employment law (as a posted worker your work is governed by the employment law of the host country in most respects), but since your French contract will be more favourable in most respects that probably won’t be a problem, but they would need to check.
All explained here

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