Workplaces 'should cater for menopause as they do for pregnancy'

Good god. Should workplaces also cater for men with impotency problems? Where will it all end?

I’m wondering about toothache… can be awful… :wink:

Well if you had toothache, and it was bad enough, you would probably be happy to tell your boss and take the day off.
And whilst impotence may well cause depression (in which case, absolutely yes, that should be taken into consideration in the workplace), it doesn’t generally impair performance at work. Whereas the menopause does. So my view is that yes, it absolutely should be taken into consideration.

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My reply was a little “tongue in cheek” hence my wink at the end.

There are many situations, medical and personal, which can (and do) impair work performance… and that goes for both Men and Women.

By simply having someone with whom you can talk things through, in private and in total confidentiality, the strain can be lifted just a little.

Big companies usually have eg Personnel Dept/Health-Welfare, where someone can be helped/advised etc etc.

Smaller companies will surely have someone (if not a department), who is responsible for Staff Welfare (Payroll perhaps? they have to be discreet).

With regard to Menopause…women cannot always recognize and/or cannot even admit to their condition… and that is perhaps something that could be addressed… but not necessarily in the workplace…

Maybe I’m going to be seen as heartless or unfeeling but where does it stop? Should companies have policies in place for dealing with employees who are affected by divorce or the loss of a close relative or low self esteem due not receiving enough ‘likes’ after their Facebook posts (this last one is factieous but apparently it can now affect a childs performance at school).

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Well I’m rewriting a brochure on a Saturday morning and am both pre-menopausal and have PMT, so you probably needed more winks!!! And a virtual chocolate hobnob too please!

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I’ve some delicious alcoholic choccies in my fridge… :grinning: … I’ll eat one for you… hic