World Carrot Day

See title…who knew ?!

Not at all surprised… he was a great comedian and mole catcher

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Excellent response Stella :slight_smile:

You’ve been keeping concealed your comedic heritage

Used to love watch JC… such a character… makes you laugh, just to see him… a bit like Tommy Cooper for that… TC would have the audience in fits without saying a word. :laughing:

Liked some of his stuff, enough to go see him live - much execrable “humour” at the expense of minority groups. Don’t think I ever watched him again.

Ah… I never saw JC live… only on TV… so perhaps it was the “watered-down” version… :upside_down_face:

I did get to see TC live… and that really was rather special… :hugs:

I couldn’t abide Tommy Cooper.

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Just as everything in life… we are all so different and we like different things.


International Space Carrot ?

R. Downey Jr. as “Iron Carrot” ?


Farage en marche. Well just a little marche.