World Cup - who will you be supporting? AKA Dustmites and how to deal with them

(Jane Williamson) #14

I will be looking forward to the closing ceremony.

(Mark Robbins) #15

Wrong, Westworld will turn you a bit/very odd. Got was/is great.

Got to support England really, closely followed by France.

(Timothy Cole) #16

Watching sport is banned in our house (unless it’s tennis), to be honest I’d rather be there than sit at home in front of the tv. Couldn’t care one bit about England, would love to see someone daft win it like Peru.

(Michael Archer) #17

Can’t believe the bookies are offering 5/1 for Germany to win, looks a snip to me and I will be on.

(stella wood) #18

Robbie Williams wasn’t bad…

(stella wood) #19

(Timothy Cole) #20

I’m already planning for 2026 when the WC is in the US,Canada and Mexico, OH said we can go as long as I save up my pocket money.

(stella wood) #21

Which side of The Wall will they be playing ??? :open_mouth:

(Timothy Cole) #22

Won’t affect me as I won’t be going to Mexico.

(stella wood) #23

My brother took a conference to Mexico, many years ago… said it was glorious there… mind you, he was near the beach (one of his priorities for conference locations) … :relaxed:

(Mandy Davies) #24

I think I would rather go to Mexico than the US. Come to think of it, I think I would rather go anywhere other than the US :mexico:

(Timothy Cole) #25

They probably wouldn’t let you in anyway, you’d be classed as an ‘undesirable’!

(Mandy Davies) #26

Oh I’m terribly offended :wink: What’s ‘undesirable’ about me? Examples please Tim…

(Timothy Cole) #27

You’re a ‘yid’ to start with.

(Mandy Davies) #28


And proud… Spurs forever…:soccer:

(Peter Bird) #29

Come on you Spurs :+1:

(Timothy Cole) #30

Oh blimey there’s two of them.

(Timothy Cole) #31

Anyone ever been to a major football championship apart from me?

(Mandy Davies) #32

Sadly not. The biggest game I’ve ever been to was the Worthington Cup Final (league cup) in 1999 at the old Wembley stadium when Spurs beat Leicester 1-0. Rubbish match but the experience was incredible.

(Mark Robbins) #33

I watched the mighty Eagles thrash Everton 4 - 1 at Wembley in the final of the Freight Rover trophy about 30 years ago.