World Cup - who will you be supporting? AKA Dustmites and how to deal with them

(Helen Wright) #341

My 80 year old Mom just called to say she watched it and felt really emotional…not so much because England lost but because she thinks “Gareth Southgate is a really genuine lovely man and the England squad behaved like gentlemen in spite of all the fouls that the ref missed” love her to bits…x :slight_smile:

(Mandy Davies) #342

Brilliant!! My Mum said “I heard England lost”. Yep, great, thanks Mum!!:laughing:

(Timothy Cole) #343

England are still a few years away from having enough quality players to beat the top teams but having spent years watching durge at least they now try and play the way the game should be played. I hope the FA stick with Southgate for several years as he has brought many of the youngsters through the U21’s etc.

(Peter Bird) #344

I think Toby is off Mandy.

(Mandy Davies) #345

No really?? That’s a shame. I was wondering if we would be keeping all our World Cup players. Clearly not.

(Peter Bird) #346

Dunno Mandy, he spent much of last season on the treatment table.

I think we should cash in on Deli, overrated IMO.

(Mandy Davies) #347

Oooohhhhhh controversial!! I quite like Deli apart from the diving. I think I’d prefer to keep last years squad together as much as possible.

(Peter Bird) #348

Football is a game of opinions Mandy, the world would be mega boring if we all agreed !

I also reckon Dembele should be replaced, he does ok but doenst’t really contribute much to the team IMO.

(Helen Wright) #349

Well…I’ve been licking my wounds…getting over my inexplicable elation/ sadness…been to my wonderful local garage who has provided me with my newish car and scrapped my French registered uk Volvo for nothing…talked with him about anlgleterre losing and the possibility of France winning…he’s so lovely and although he thought it might be difficult for France to win he asked that now England is out that I support France…it would seem ignorant not to…had a pep talk from my son in uk…he’s gonna watch England to see if they can gain a third place and is now supporting France to win the World Cup…soooo…allez les bleus…!!! x :slight_smile:

(Mandy Davies) #350


(Mandy Davies) #351

Who’s watching?

Come on you Spurs… er England!!!

(Mandy Davies) #352

Oh, this is awful. If you’re not watching don’t bother :unamused:

(Mark Robbins) #353

It’s got a bit better in the 2nd half, but some players seem incapable of having a go at goal

(Mandy Davies) #354

Where’s the defence gone, I think they’re already on the plane home. Pickford superb as usual. Is Harry Kane even on the pitch?

(Mandy Davies) #355

At least there will only be 90 minutes of this rubbish.

2-0 to Belgium. Different class.

What a shame that we end the tournament like this.

(Chris Kite) #356


(Timothy Cole) #357

Reality check.

(Helen Wright) #358

I had it on TF1 but received a phone call from one of my daughters just after the first goal…It was like watching a different team and I felt their heart wasn’t in it…exemplary behaviour once again but I just sensed the magnitude of disappointment of being 22 minutes away from being in the finals…

(Peter Bird) #359

They simply lack some serious quality compared to other sides.
England have a great team spirit thanks to Southgate but he has inherited the worst group of players since I don’t know when , The 1998 a squad this year would have won the World Cup, (Gascoigne et al.) for example.
High points for me were Trippier, Maguire and Pickford.
Low points, Walker and Kane (playing out of position), Young, Rose, Dier, Henderson, Deli, Vardy and others who shouldn’t be anywhere near the international scene.
Wiltshire, Foden and Shelvey should have been there.

(Timothy Cole) #360

You’ve got your years wrong Peter, I think you mean the 1990 squad.

Don’t disagree with your ‘low points’, I can’t see Young, Henderson, Vardy, Cahill etc being at the 2020 Euros but I’m also not a fan of Rashford. What English football needs is for the major clubs to give young English players a chance in their first teams otherwise they won’t have the experience to handle a WC. It’s likely that Foden will be sent out on loan for the next 2/3 years possibly to the championship which is not the same as playing in the PL or CL.