World peace sign day

The Newly Formed SFN Group THINK TANK are putting forward a proposal for the creation of a special day for mankind. We are only at the concept stage, so if you would like to join in the process of this project please do or if you wish submit a request to join THINK TANK we would be pleased to see you.

The Concept notion stemmed from this discussion

Our 'working concept' is to create a concept made visible via social marketing. We are inviting other proposals.

On the discussion table is: WORLD PEACE SIGN DAY See Pic

This or something like it, we would like to see achieve its goal, and create a day to remember.

Great video on how to make a Peace Sign Dove

The thread may well have run its course in the nursery, but lives on in or hearts, and is now accessible from over a million servers around the globe.

Errrrr, yes, good question. But then it is mainly us so probably the thread has run its course.

Derr do I just delete the thread? does the content stay up?

yes, close I think and wait for comments

collaborated and initiate are a better choice of word, as indeed is initiate, thank you Brian. Agreed ref the comma ;) Should I close the Post for comments?

First line - 'collaborated'' rather than colluded', that word is too often used for conspiracies. 3 para, I would say 'organisations already use'. Obvious but it says and acknowledges they did it first. So not competing, just complementing. World Peace Sign Day to start para 4. Not 'instigate' but 'initiate'. Get rid of comma after 'proposed day' since it is not listing... Fine, gives us a start. Nicely thought through too.

I saw him a few weeks back, I know he's busy writing. But I'll give it a whirl, Nigel

There are three of us from the THINK TANK who have colluded to engage in this project. We are aiming to establish whether a global event can be established using the delta effect of social networking.

We have been careful not to clash with any other 'peace related' events and have concentrated on the 'peace sign' celebration element.

However within the phrase World Peace Sign Day are the words 'World Peace' and many organisations use this to describe their name, and perhaps also their goal. It depends on how you read the phrase eg

World Peace, sign day would send out a different message. Our aim is merely to instigate the notion of this proposed day, and observe the effect of the www. We are aiming to close this thread shortly. Thank you.


Michelle was right, it's much clearer without the backgound. I shall try some colourways for dicussion

I'm thinking about Andy Partridge

I would favour

"World Peace Sign Day"

as distinct from "Global Peace Sign Day"

but with the strapline "World peace on a global basis"

thoughts anyone?

You do raise a good point though Brian. One has to take a view when seeking individuals' and institutions' endorsements. Ideally any peace promotion should by definition ( ideally ) be devoid of any poorly perceived political or racial or commercial influences. Coke sponsoring sports events for example... bit difficult finding apolitical animals these days.

I have asked ( if it is permissible ) for an associate to do a guest blog here, I shall go through the channels if he is willing.

hahaha I leave him out!

Hitchens, might go down the wrong way for some people, like 90% of the UK! OK, on the other sounds good. Peace is a big topic, but I have, for one never written about it except a bit of polito-journalism and blogs.

@ Brian ref: Endorsements. An old friend now a Dean ( I think ) who studied maths, philosophy and logic under Sir Micheal Dummet, ( co-founder of OCRI ) has expressed an interest, I have asked him if he has any papers on the subject of peace.

Haha I could give Hitchens a buzz, he owes me.

Go for Branson, but he is a very thorough guy who checks the small print and possibly names. My monniker would need to accidentally be missing on purpose, in case...

Up to you, but some memories are long and if seriously going for Branson then do not let him see my name in case he does remember it. I'll explain off open forum some time.

I'll give it serious thought, but I also suggest we give it a few days to get a decent and approachable list. There are a few people who get up my nose and you guys might have similar, if we have good reason then we can eliminate them fast.