World peace sign day

No, I think somebody with a real public profile carries more clout. I am usually considered 'controversial' and may be ignored. Would love to do it in one way, but in another I am honest enough to say my name might put the kybosh on it.

It needs somebody who is not controversial or nuts, narrows the field down a lot, alive might help too. A lot of my best heyday contacts are all gone anyway or so old they don't remember which end of the feeding spoon to put in their mouth. Let us all think about it, make a pool of names, and then try them. I'll start the ball rolling with Angela Neustatter and Germaine Greer (she is not actually nuts at all).

yes sir, Armageddon it is. Don't worry about input. Although Chris and I were discussing fact whilst we're ok on the 'look' we'd fall apart if we had to present to Desmond Tu Tu

Would you consider becoming the Figure head of the cause?

Why not... Armageddon, that is. Connections on and off today, don't rely on me being around much until weather changes a lot. No sats working, plus electricty dodgy. Day of huddling round laptops with DVDs methinks.

Tcha... It's also the fiftieth anniversary of the Cuba missile crisis right now. I made 14 but did not expect to see 15 so went to join in the marches up West, so remember it well being the week of my birthday. Appropriate time to start when people have probably mostly no idea but the many different things going on in the world are only marginally better than the nuclear holocaust might have been.

Anyway, tanks a lot guys, keep your world!

when I opened this page, in the banner, a tank drove from left to right, irony?

I am about to purcharse some URLs

I feel that 'world' peace is more mentioned that global peace.I have decided not to hyphenate, what do you think?

it's spreading

just like to say looks as if we are getting somewhere

OK, must plug on (missed the oh) with the work now...

nothing better to do these people?

Just doing your invite to co admin the Wordpress page. Do feel free to drop you anecdotals in there. We must be compliant and equally aware that tags count. World,Peace,Thinktank, etc

Chris has the keywords

Ron, I made some comments about Nick Griffin on Facebook earlier, well actually about newspapers not having comments about the story about him really, now FB have shown me a yellow card. Think I have to be a good boy and tear their hypocritical throats out... metaphorically speaking!

fire up the Quatro

I know, Brian has made the same point. I firmly believe ( providing the content differs ) that similar sounding names/mission statements can be of advantage to each party. No one can lay claim to owning World Peace, not the concept nor the text. As this moves forward we should take the opportunity to re-blog similar concepts.

If every day were world peace day, there would be no wars

Three of us in the new SFN Think Tank Group are devoting a little spare time to exploring the possibility that it is possible to create a peace awareness day online. We are fully aware that there are many such days and it is not our intention to detract from these, but too enhance them.

The date of the World Peace Sign Day is established as the Twentyfourth of May each year. There is an event with this campaign running in tandem, this will be @ Carcassonne on the same day.

There is a Blog and FaceBook page in place and our intention is to guide the project openly, online.

No I hadn't Julie thanks,

So we have


I have the graphics


can you mail me a spare email address of yours so I can make you admin on the Wordpress site? pls