Worrying news - or Fake News ...needs clarification

A friend of ours who is French but who has lived and works in UK for past 20years has told us that she has recently received advice from the French government .
The letter advises her to make plans to return to France…
This is obviously a worrying time for all , with the uncertainties concerning Brexit, are the French government being alarmist or does the British government have their heads up their jacksies

Fake news perhaps?

How odd… :neutral_face: I am wondering why on earth the French Govt would do such a thing… :thinking:

I wonder if anyone else has received a similar letter… not seen anything in the Press so far… so does this make your friend a special case… very odd. :zipper_mouth_face::thinking::thinking:

Well I would hope it’s fake news :face_with_raised_eyebrow:!! But makes you wonder how much truth is in it ?

Hi Jacqueline… have you seen the letter your friend received ? Can you tell us what your friend does in UK (workwise) ??

No we’ve not seen it , just what she had told us… so no idea where it came from other than it was French government advice … but I will try find out more about it…

Yes, please. It would be useful to have more info… otherwise it just seems like yet another “wind-up”…


A photocopy of the letter would be handy.

My son and daughter in law are both French and living/working in the UK and they have received nothing.

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That sounds like nonsense. I’ve seen no reference to any such declaration by the French government.