Would anyone be willing to put a card up in their local supermarket?


As you've probably noticed from my other posts, I run an online tutoring enterprise. At the moment, I am tutoring GCSE pupils in the UK via Skype, as well as adult and younger learners. I advertise through yell.com in the UK, but want to raise my profile over here. I have advertised in one of the French papers, but wonder if anyone would be willing to pop my card up in their local supermarket, or on another noticeboard, if I were to post it to them? I know it's a bit cheeky, but if anyone's willing to help I'd be really grateful!

My personal email is gillianj_harvey@yahoo.co.uk, if anyone's able to help.


Gill :0)

Thanks Jennifer! :0)

No problem - send to the address on our website - www.gorvellogite.com and I’ll happily put 3 or 4 locally and promote what you do to our guests too - I think it’s a great idea & if I hadn’t found a great English teacher for me 9 yr old I’d be asking if you could help me out too…

Thanks for this! I certainly will.

Much appreciated xxx

Hi, pop some over to us

Neil and Sandy Whitehead, maison Lahon, 64330 Mouhous

Hi - have added you as a friend so that I can send you a personal message! Really appreciate it!

Natasha - thanks - I’ll get onto your website immediately!


Hi Gill

I’ll be happy to do that, and do contact Peter on The Languedoc Page. His website gets thousands of hits per day.

If you send me a message, I’ll reply with my address.

Hi Gill,

I may be able to help - I run a website www.guide2brittany.com which is a site for residents and holiday makers in Brittany. We have news, classifieds etc as well as a business directory. Take a look and you can always add a free listing under education in the directory.

Do you write a blog? We have a Guide2Brittany blog which you are welcome to write an entry around education (or whatever you like!) and include your business details at the end.

I hope this helps - as you know I think you offer a great service so more than happy to promote you out!