Would love to buy a camp site in France any advice please

We would love to buy a campsite in France can anyone give us any advice, and the best way of going about it.

specific business agents like Michel Simond - it’s a very niche market like tabacs (my case) and the competiton is fierce/capital required can be staggering too. We thought about it but it was just too expensive for the return where as tabacs come in at about 3 to 4 times EBE, good/big camp sites are way more expensive - far less return for the investment BUT good capitalisation on borrowing. Smaller ones seem to be more reasonably priced though, be interested in how you get on :wink:

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stay well clear of rivers or areas which can be prone to flooding - with more and more extreme weather there are reports on the French news every year of camp sites being washed away, and then the permits are never renewed because of (perceived) risk to life. Good luck in your search though

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Have a look here… http://france.businessesforsale.com/french/search/camping-and-recreational-vehicle-parks-for-sale (there’s 53 for sale)